Me fascina su casa

I am fascinated by their house

Me sorprende su ubicación. Me asombra su forma. Me impresiona su salón. Me encanta su balcón. Me tranquiliza su luz. Me apetece vivir ahí. Me parece increíble! Me da envidia no tener una casa igual.

I am surprised by its location. Its shape amazes me. I am impressed by its living room. I love the balcony. Its light calms me. I feel like living there. I find it incredible! Not to have a house like that makes me green eyed. Continue reading


No me gusta nada

I don’t like anything


I don’t like [it/her/him] at all



¡Espero que a vosotros al menos sí os estén gustando nuestras clases de español!

At least I hope you all are enjoying our Spanish classes!

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